All Crew Members On PS4 & Xbox1 Need To Join Our Dedicated Crews.
PS4 Join US Navy Destroyer & Xbox1 Join US NAVY X
This Will Allow You To Get Recognition For Your Service On PS4/XboxOne.

Command Central for All RockStar 
US NAVY crews

All US NAVY Crew personnel should REGISTER as a member and read the BLUEJACKET MANUAL.


NAVCOM Staff members are REQUIRED to do so and also to keep an updated personnel record on file at all times. 

MAZE BANK Prepaid Card

Now Available Exclusively from NAVCOM US Navy Crews, The MAZE BANK Card Prepaid Debit Card.

Use your NAVCOM Sea Bucks to purchase a MAZE BANK prepaid card for use at anyone of thousands of locations in San Andreas.

Available in amounts of $100,000 (for 6,000 Sea Bucks)

and $200,000 (for 10,000 Sea Bucks)


Prints        Now Available

The NAVCOM Ship Store now has a PHOTO LAB. 

You can now get actual professional prints of your favorite Snapmatic photos. 

NAVCOM Crew members can now have a photographic reminder of the cool stuff and good times they have had in Los Santos. 

Capture the past on glossy 3"x5" prints suitable for framing.   

Introducing SeaPay!! 

NAVCOM Staff Members can now receive SeaPay. Certain Senior Staff positions qualify for a monthly salary of SeaPay in NAVCOM Sea Bucks, which can be used in the Ship Store to purchase a wide verity of Crew swag and tactical items that may be of great use your offline character. To learn how to sign up for SeaPay go to the Bureau of Personnel page

The NAVCOM Ship Store                 Now Open       

You are now able to purchase a variety of spiffy items beautifully adorned with your very own NAVCOM crew emblem.

Our own NAVCOM SHIP STORE will offer T-shirts, Stickers, "Uniform Headwear Tatical" (Ball Caps) Patches for your jackets and more.

Please let us know if you have need of any other specific items that we could add to the SHIP STORE.

Profits from the sale of NAVCOM merchandise will be used only for ridiculously lavish and unnecessary trips by senior staff to brief meetings that could easily be done by phone.



Welcome to the Crews of NAVCOM  

US NAVY Destroyer



Xbox One



Xbox & PS3 [Former & Active Duty Navy]

This Command is now Underway on Nuclear Power. Please take some time to  familiarize yourself with our Crew.                                           FAQ

NAVCOM Promotional Videos


Its Here! 

The new NAVCOM Promotional video. 

This is the long awaited update to the original Promo. 

This action packed HD video is shot on location in and around Los Santos with the help of dedicated Crew Members. 

Check it out on the NAVCOM YOUTUBE Channel

NAVCOM     HEADQUARTERS      NAVAL Warehouse, Port of South Los Santos, Elysian Island, Los Santos, SA

Disclaimer. NAVCOM, US NAVY crews, War College Crew or any other part of Rockstar NAVY Crews or this website is not in any way connected to the Real United States NAVY.  [Except for the fact that some of us have sacrificed and served our country in the line of duty. God Bless AMERICA!]  

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