The NAVCOM Board of Officers is the permanent governing body of the US NAVY Crews in San Andreas. It appoints the Chief of Navy Crews, settles operational disputes, and is the final word in appealed disciplinary matters. It consists of the most trusted NAVCOM crew members and can vote to add new members to the Board.

Board of Officers List

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 PSN/Xbox ID

Boardmember Biographies.

Rockstar ID: Hillbillygunz

Platform: PS3

PSN ID: Navy_Gunner134

Rockstar ID: MajTonyNelson

Platform: PS3

PSN ID: MajTonyNelson

Rockstar ID: WarlordJIN

Platform: Xbox & PS3

PSN/Xbox ID: WarlordJIN

Rockstar ID: jds7933

Platform: PS3

PSN ID: jds7933

Rockstar ID: texman1970

Platform: PS3

PSN ID: texman1970


Platform: PS3


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