Communications Division

The NAVCOM Communications Department is tasked with several key missions that are vital to the US NAVY Crews in the San Andreas area of operations. These missions include;

Building a Daisy Chain of Command to help direct NAVCOM orders to the rank and file members in the field. 

Keeping all NAVCOM crewmembers aware of programs and upcoming events.

Teaching members the types and benefits of the different communications tools available.

Producing Training and Promotional Films for NAVCOM and the individual crews.

NAVCOM Staff Standing Orders

The following is a list of the Standing Orders, regarding communications, which all NAVCOM Staff members should follow when on duty.

A. To help build the Chain of Command, NAVCOM Staff should friend a higher level Staff member and try and friend 5-10 Non Staff Members (Muscle) using the     Xbox or PS3 in game friending option. (limit of 52 total) Remember there are different friends on each network. PSN, Rockstar, & Website.

B. Check the NAVCOM website regularly especially the NEWS page and Event Calendar page for updates. 

C. You should send a group message to your game platform friends that are in US NAVY Crews about new NAVCOM information you have received* 

D. You may repost any NAVCOM news on the Crews individual RSSC website. If you are senior enough use the in game message button.

E. You should make an effort to like or comment on crewmembers Snapmatics photos to keep members involved with the crews. It is also a record that can be      easily accessed by HQ to monitor members activities and performance.

F.  Try to welcome new members. The newest crewmembers are at the bottom of the members pop up on the RSSC Crew page. Listed in order of date joined.

G. Finally, you should share your own Adventures using the Snapmatic because it is a good tool Rockstar has given us to bond with other members.

*Many players either have not joined, or do not check the Rockstar social club website often. We must reach these members using the in game platform.

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