NAVCOM Staff & Structure

NAVCOM Staff Positions & Duties

Board of  Officers - The Permanent Board of Directors of NAVCOM        Appoints the CNC (Chief of Navy Crews) & oversees disputes
The positions listed below may have several staff members assigned to that office who work under the Director or Head
CNC or Chief of Navy Crews -   The CEO of NAVCOM   In charge of all NAVCOM Staff            Appointed by the NAVCOM Board of Officers 
                 Security Division - Handles all internal & external security issues and issues Security Clearances, Oversees QM & Security Force
Fleet Commander -        Manages Activities for Active Duty Combat Crews
Director In Charge of Health, Education And Developement (DICHEAD)               
                Bureau of Personnel -     Social Services & Event Coordinator, 
                Communications  -   Propaganda and Public Relations
Director of Training [DOT}-    Coordinates Training for all NAVCOM crews and oversees War College training and Advanced Combat Training

NAVCOM Command Structure

A member of any NAVCOM crew who is a Representative or higher is considered a NAVCOM Staff Member

NAVCOM Chain of Command (COC)

Chain Of Command
NAVCOM Board of Officers: The permanent board of directors of NAVCOM. Elects the CNC
CHIEF of NAVY CREWS (CNC):  Elected Chairman of the NAVY Board. Oversees all NAVCOM activity in the San Andreas Command Area 
Crew Commanding Officer (Leader)
The Commission: Made up of all COs (Crew Leaders) & Crew Commissioneers 

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