Welcome to the US NAVY Crews System in Los Santos

New Crew Member Orientation

The US NAVY Crews in Los Santos are a group of crews under one unified Navy Command (NAVCOM)

All NAVCOM Crews begin their name with US NAVY.  (The Rockstar Crew Named NAVCOM is an administrative only crew)

The Navy Command (NAVCOM) is based at usnavycrew.com

Former and current active duty Military and Law Enforcement personnel can join any crew and will not be kicked for inactivity 

New members must take the crew loyalty oath

Any member of a NAVCOM crew can join the NAVCOM Staff and participate in the management of the crews, regardless of rank.

To join the NAVCOM Staff you must register at the website. 

Once you are on NAVCOM Staff you may be appointed to a Senior Staff or Speciality position.

NAVCOM Staff Officers may earn Sea Pay for their work in NAVCOM. 

NAVCOM positions are assigned and are not permanent.

Staff members will be given a crew hierarchy position necessary for the performance of their duties.

The Ship Store is where you can buy US NAVY Crew uniforms & gear with cash or NAVCOM Sea Bucks.

New Crew Member Qualification    (Staff Instructions)

The following is a step by step guide on joining a NAVCOM US NAVY Crew.

1. Review the Bluejacket Manual and determine which crew you wish to join, or if a US NAVY Crew is right for you.

2. Join the Rockstar Social Club (RSSC) and get a RSSC name. (the same as your PS3/Xbox if possible)

3. Friend an existing NAVCOM Staff Officer Both at RSSC & on PS3/Xbox. (Staff officer can be in any NAVCOM crew)

4. Take a Snapmatic selfie of yourself (duh) and add the comment "I promise" to affirm your Loyalty Oath. (displayed below)

5. Take and Pass the NEW MEMBER EXAM in the Training manuals under BlueJacket Manual.

6. Request a crew invite from the crew you wish to join and send a message to a Senior Staff Member to "review my application"

Once Accepted to a Crew

7. Obtain a uniform

8. Snapmatic a Selfie of yourself in uniform and comment on it "Reporting for Duty"

9. Post a message on your crews Rockstar Social Club page that states Both your PS3/Xbox  Name and "Reporting aboard"

10. Send a direct message in Rockstar Social Club (not PS3/Xbox) with your  PS3/Xbox  Name and "Reporting aboard" to the

      Head of the Bureau of Personnel (BUPERS) and the DICHEAD. 

Now Start Kicking Ass!

US NAVY Crews Loyalty Oath

 I promise to support the activities of the NAVCOM US NAVY Crews and follow all lawful orders. 

I am part of a special group and will work with that group in a mature manner . 

I will be both a follower and a leader as required. 

I understand that I am subject to the rules and regulations outlined in the NAVCOM UCNJ 

& agree to conduct myself in accordance with the highest traditions of the US NAVY Crews. 

I am now a NAVY man.

There are several procedures we now require new members to complete before joining a NAVCOM crew. 

These are designed to help make the prospective player aware of some of the crew member benefits, as well as to discourage players who may not be compatible from joining. 

NAVCOM US NAVY Crews are a group of "Social Club" crews and interactions with the crew leadership and between other crew members should be expected and encouraged.

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