Sea Pay & Sea Bucks

Sea Bucks

NAVCOM Sea Bucks is the currency used in The Rockstar Social Club US NAVY Crews

Sea Bucks can be earned and redeemed by any crewmember in good standing.

Use your NAVCOM Sea Bucks in the Ship Store to purchase a wide range of unique items.

The NAVCOM Ship Store is fully stocked with uniform items for each crew as well as other swag you will find no where else. 

NAVCOM Senior Staff positions qualify for a monthly salary of SeaPay in NAVCOM Sea Bucks

See how much you can earn by reviewing the Senior Staff page.

Sea Pay

Now members of NAVCOM Crews can earn SeaPay while on active duty. 

SeaPay can be earned by 

  1. Becoming a NAVCOM Senior Staff member holding a position that pays a salary.
  2. Performing contract assignments for the crew.
  3. Winning specific NAVCOM Contests or Events.

Sea Pay Requirements

Senior Staff Positions

If you are assigned to a Senior Staff Position in the NAVCOM US NAVY Crews, you qualify for a our monthly Sea Pay program.  This benefit program is designed to reward members who help run the day to day operations of our Crews. 

To receive Sea Pay, Senior Staff members must perform Minimum Monthly Duties (MMD) to verify their active duty status. 

Now what kind of bureaucracy would we be if we didn't require members to fill out a form? 

Once the MMD are completed, members must apply for their Sea Pay benefits by filling out NAVCOM Form #4321

This must be done for every pay period!

NAVCOM Form # 4321 

Application for Sea Pay for Senior Staff   

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
Oops. An error occurred.
Click here to try again.
INSTRUCTIONS for Application for Sea Pay for Senior Staff  (Form # 4321)

1. Form # 4321 (should be auto filled)

2.&3. Names - Please fill out with BOTH your Rockstar Social Club and your PSN/Xbox names.

4. Senior Staff Position - List the Senior Staff Positions you are assigned to.

5. Sea Pay Requested - The amount of Sea Pay your Senior Staff Position Qualifies for.

6. MMD - (Minimum Monthly Duties) Description below. Check all those you have completed.

7. MMD Waiver Request - You may request a Waiver if you have not completed all the MMDs. 

8. Other Info - Any clarification or other info you wish us to consider.

9. Current CODEWORD - Found in the Weekly Briefing in the News Page of this website

Minimum Monthly Duties (MMD)Your Rockstar Name

Minimum Monthly Duties are part of the NAVCOM US NAVY Crews standing orders that are required for Senior Staff Members to earn Sea Pay.

These MINIMUM duties are required to keep NAVCOM Crews members informed and up to date.

The explanations of the duties are,

A. Social Club  Posts = Posts to the Rockstar Social Club US NAVY Crew Sites (not your personal one) You may repost info from the NAVCOM website

                                     "" or other information of value to the Crews.

B. NAVCOM Posts =     Posts at the NAVCOM website "" in the Forums. Can be in any forum from the general or leadership forums, to the

                                    management forums.

C. Snapmatic w/crew = Take a Snapmatic photo of your crew members while in San Andreas. Then leave a comment with their names (L to R)

D. E Inspection =  The E Inspection is used to spot check our members. 

                            Take a Snapmatic Selfie while in your official NAVY Crew uniform and add Your Rockstar Name + "Present" as a comment. 

These are MINIMUM duties and you are encouraged to do more than the number stated. 

Also MMD Waiver Requests are more likely granted if you have done more than the minimum in the other MMDs. Please state this in Other Info

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