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New Item, Los Santos Skyline Poster

The NAVCOM Photo Lab unveils its first wall poster. 

The Los Santos Skyline is beautifully represented in this artful nighttime view of downtown with the words "Los Santos The City of Saints" emblazoned in large gold letters. The poster is 16 inches high by 20 inches wide and printed on high quality, thick photo paper. 

Now you can proudly display the city that captured your heart on the wall in your office, game room, or grandmothers basement.

Supplies limited, so order now.

Get Your Custom Snapmatic Prints

The NAVCOM Ship Store now has a PHOTO LAB. You can now get actual professional prints of your favorite Snapmatic photos. NAVCOM Crew members can collect photographic reminders of the cool stuff and good times they have had in Los Santos. 

Capture the past on glossy 3"x5" prints suitable for framing.   There are many reasons to keep a permanent reminder of you exploits;

Photo record of your previous rides.

Good times with friends

Remembering that magical night on Del Perro Pier 

Constantly changing auto paint schemes

Documenting your destructive behavior

Details available soon

The NAVCOM Ship Store is OPEN 24-7

Are you a proud and confident US NAVY crew member?  Do other players marvel at your awesome sense of style? Does sporting your NAVY crew emblem make your enemies fear you and your friends want to be near you? 

Now you can take that G'tavo persona you have worked so hard to build and magically transfer that animated moxy directly from your spectacular flat screen character into your ordinary everyday real life character. 

Will purchasing any of these trendsetting NAVCOM items suddenly turn you from a worker drone mindlessly shoveling coal into the boiler of a seemingly drifting freighter into the Master and Commander of a Ship of the Line en-route to your own marvelous destiny?  


So order today and upgrade the image of the character God created for you in this glitchy beta version of the massive multiplayer game called life.

Items are now available with these NAVCOM Crew emblems

Check in options of items for different emblems



Photo Lab Prints of your OWN Snapmatic pictures. 4000 Sea Bucks per print

Your Favorite Ride




NAVCOM Photo Lab prints 4000 Sea Bucks (3pack 10,00 Sea Bucks)

The NAVCOM Photo Lab can make 3"x5" prints of any Snapmatic photo you like.

These professional prints are a really cool way to record your activities around Los Santos.

We order these in large batches so order early as there is a slight lag time in delivery.

Crew Stickers 3.5" x 5" $2.99 or 6000 Sea Bucks

Slap one of these babies on your own Dominator to let everyone know you roll with the baddest set of crews in San Andreas. 

Durable vinyl with ink that will last at least a year outdoors or 5 years, if necessary, on your school locker.

The emblems are identical to the ones worn in game .

NAVCOM ID Card      6000 Sea Bucks      (Out of Stock)

Elite Crew Soft White Embroidered Tee $24.99 of 32000 Sea Bucks

This Ultra soft T-Shirt is made in Egypt of 

100% ringspun organic cotton. 

It comes pre shrunk and is so comfortable it feels like your in your jammies. 

So if you wear it while playing video games and fall asleep playing GTAV, when you wake up late you are already ready already

Crew Emblem Key Fobs $5.50 or 3,000 SeaBucks

These keychains have your Crew Emblem (3 shown only) and in that way they are very cool. 

That might be the only way. They look like they were made by a teenager in his basement on his button maker machine.

(Actually they were probably made by 6 year old Chinese boys in dirt floor factories) 

The emblems are the exact same as in game ones but I'm guessing if you owned a Adder you wouldn't put the key on one of these.

They are really a large silver backed button connected to a keyring.

So get one today!

United States of America Flag  3000 Sea Bucks

What could be more American than flying the Stars & Stripes.

Especially a really cheap one thats made in China.

This sheer 3 feet by 5 feet screen printed sign of patriotism is just the thing to show people that you love America and you love your money.

Great for outdoor display since it has grommets for hanging and its low cost means you won't care if its stolen. (Trust me it won't be)

Or you can use it as a nice backdrop for your right wing video rants where you complain about foreign imports. 

Army Cap     $5.00 or 5000 Sea Bucks

Are you proud of your career accomplishments in the NAVCOM Crews? 

Show off the rank you earned with painstaking hours online to the world outside of San Andreas. 

Get your NAVCOM Crew uniform hat today. 

Choose from two colors and fitted or adjustable sizes.

Crew T - Shirts White-Lightweight-Printed $11.99 or 24000 Sea Bucks

Navy Blue War College Embroidered Performance T-Shirt $24.99 or 32000 Sea Bucks

Sport-Tek Competitor Tee

This is a really nice shirt. 

Silky Soft & Lightweight

This has the War College Crew Emblem that had the letters and shield cleaned up a bit. 

Really nice coloring. 

Navy Blue shirt not black.

100% Polyester 

Controls moisture.

If it wasn't for people admiring it, you wouldn't know you were wearing this shirt.

White and Grey Elite Embroidered Performance T-Shirt $24.99 or 32000 Sea Bucks


Performance T-Shirt

White with Grey piping 

100% Polyester

Super Soft & Comfortable 

Emblem is the Elite Sailor Skull in Silver, White & Red

(Not Black) 

Embroidered Emblem is 2" wide x 2.25" high

This Emblem is actually Sliver White and Red

Navy Blue Destroyer Performance T-Shirt $24.99 or 32000 Sea Bucks


Los Santos Skyline Playing Cards

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Screen Printed White Cotton Crew T-Shirt $18/$20 or 24000/29000 Sea Bucks

US NAVY Crew Flying Shield & Anchor Emblem

White T-Shirt in Light Weight and Medium Weight Cotton options.

Screen printed with the actual Crew emblem across front.

Block Navy letters are imperfect, exactly as in game emblem.  

OK its a bad picture

US NAVY Elite Sailor Skull Emblem in Black and Red

Large Exactly like in game Emblem

Light Weight & Medium Weight options

Light Grey T-Shirt

Small Emblem

Screen Printed War College emblem on left Chest

identical to in game emblem with the quirky letters

Only in Light Weight 

War College Duffel $31.99 or 45000 Sea Bucks

Your Standard basic duffel. 

Black, Grey & Blue


Embroidered War College Emblem. 2.5" square

Large Zippered Main Compartment. 

About 9"wide x20"long x7"h

3 Section Side Pocket.

Mesh End Pocket.

Navy Elite Mini Waterproof Seabag  $38.00 or 48,000 Sea Bucks

This is a cool little plastic coated duffle in royal blue Elite only.

Embroidered Emblem 

Roll down closure.

Shoulder strap.

Says Water Proof but the embroidery has penetrated.

(may have to coat with something on the inside)

Round bottom (The way I like them)

about 8" diameter and 20" unclosed height

Over 12" high closed

Mini CREE Flashlight  18,000 SeaBucks

Good quality little mini Cree Light

Says its waterproof to some depth?

One AA battery and very bright

Sliding focus ring for wide or spot 

On or Off only (no modes)

No crew markings

Smith & Wesson Special OPS Watch  $43.99 or 60000 Sea Bucks

Good watch for when you don't want to wear your Rolex Submariner on a mission

Water Resistant to 

50 Meters

Quality Rubber Strap 

Adjustable Bezel 

Matte Black Finish

Glow in the dark hands & #s

Date window

Smith & Wesson Brand

Black Paracord Bracelet  $5.99 or 4000 Sea Bucks

10" Bracelet with plastic buckle

Black paracord 

Los Santos Customs 2015 Calendar

$10.99 or 12,000 Sea Bucks

Brand New from the 

NAVCOM Photo Lab.

This Special, one of a kind LS Customs 

calendar has 12 months of classic autos from the streets of San Andreas

Supplies Limited!

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