Upcoming NAVCOM sponsored Events

Next Gen Launch Event

NAVCOM will be Commissioning our 2 new Next Gen Crews. 

Along with the Ceremony we will have special events for all the NAVCOM crews. Stay tuned for date/time info.

NAVCOM will be celebrating the commissioning by hosting the “NextGen Launch Event"  in December.

This crewmember only event will allow you to learn more about our crew, meet new members, socialize with friends and shipmates, and then kill them. 

Members can compete to win part of the 250,000 Sea Bucks purse up for grabs.

This Event is to help introduce our members to exciting new developments in the NAVCOM Crews.

Such as;

1) Our new Facebook Page.

2) Exciting New products offered in  the NAVCOM Ship Store.

The MAZE BANK prepaid card,  Photolab Prints (turns Snapmatic photos into glossy prints), and

3) Updates to the NAVCOM website ‘usnavycrew.com”

4) Our unique Sea Pay Program for Staff Members

This Crew Only Event will include,

1) Crew Competitions.

2) Crew Specific Job Playlists

3) New Member Recruitment Drive

4) War College Class Photos

5) Photo Booth for NAVCOM ID Cards

6) Applications for Senior Staff Position vacancies

7) Registering for roles in our promotional crew videos

9) Crew Management Workshop Snoozefest

To sign up go to our website ‘usnavycrew.com” and sign up using the NAVCOM Liberty Pass Form #FU1



The MajTonyNelson for 

more information

Saturday Night 8pm EST POSTPONED

NAVCOM PSN Weekly G'tavo Meeting

Saturday 8/1 @ 10pm EST

This is an in game meeting for PS3 

All NAVCOM Crew members invited

We will be shooting video for the promo

Please wear Special OPs tactical gear (Black) & bring lots of ammo


Discussing all things NAVCOM

Filling appointments to Staff Offices

Filming military action shots

Setting up War College Training Sessions



Next Gen Photo Contest

What      NAVCOM Next Gen Photo Contest

When     Now till New Crew Commissioning

Who       Members of any NAVCOM Crew

Where     Snapmatic



Crew Photo Contest

The best display of crew emblem photos will win

Comment "NextGen" on photo to enter

5,000 Sea Bucks Awarded for winning shots

Photo will be used as a symbolic photo of that crew on the NAVCOM website.

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