US NAVY War College

Commanding Officer: WarlordJIN

War College Crew is the mixed PS3 & Xbox Training and Evaluation Crew for all the NAVCOM Crews

The mission of The US NAVY War College Crew is to provide leadership and combat training for new NAVCOM personnel. Completion of the training will provide for faster advancement in all NAVCOM crews and is required for membership in the NAVCOM Supercrews. War College is basically our Academy and graduates will be treated as the future leaders of NAVCOM. Training will also help make you one Bad*ss Killing Machine and an all around great guy.

     Original United States Navy War College

Young recruits who have decided to 

Join the Adventure

Upon completion of your War College Training, you will be awarded a Commission in the NAVCOM US NAVY Crews.

You will forever be identified as a War College Man and advancement will be accelerated.

You will also Qualify for a Commission Bonus of 5000 SeaBucks and will be authorized to wear Special edition War College Apparel.

Training Schedule

The goal of this training program is just that. Not winning. Instructors will help the student develop specific skills. The student may not use weapons not authorized or allowed to make the training easier then planned. Creativity is for after training is complete. Minimum deaths during training is the goal. Instructor must start some crew only sessions.

The student should obtain the following Rockstar Awards & Trophys. (Self paced)

You can prepare for Instruction by obtaining some of the Awards and the Trophys first starting with the shooting range ones.


Victory= Survivor, Crackshot, Duck & Cover, Marksman, Granny

General= Clear out, Stayed on Target, War Pig, Salvaged

Combat= Bloodiest of the bunch, Smoke Em Out

Weapons=Any one of the weapon Awards


Unnatural Selection, Backseat Driver, Crew Cut, Dialing Digits, American Dream

Making Moves 

Above the Law (Can be waived by an instructor)

Instructor Supervised

Playlist = NAVCOM Training Day 1  Thru 8

Must be completed satisfactorily as determined by Instructor 

Easy Survivals.

 Goals = Learn health & map awareness on radar, how to follow orders. 

 Tactical goals = Learn how to use cover, keep weapons reloaded, provide cover and protection fire, and prevent flanking.


 Goals = Learn patience and avoiding obstacles.

 Tactical goals = Positioning & exiting vehicle quickly for battle & police evasion. While a passenger, shooting and communicating map info.

 Betting not allowed in training races.


 Goals = Learn awareness of mission goals, how to fulfill role assignments, maintaining health.

 Tactical goals = Improve sniping and positioning skills, maintaining cover while moving, & recognizing threat directions.

 Helos and sticky bombs not allowed

Hard Survivals. 

 Goals = Learn awareness of mission goals, how to fulfill role assignments, maintaining health.

 Tactical goals = Weapon selection speed, shooting while in cover, & 360 viewing from cover.

Team Deathmatches.

 Goals = Learn to develop quick strategies, predict enemy movement, 

 Tactical goals = Communicating commands, covering as group moves quickly  & learn to cover team flank.

RANKS        This is the real rank structure of the United States Navy. 

NAVCOM Crew ranks are the basically same with slight modifications (see Bluejacket Manual)

US NAVY War College crew is the only Enlisted crew, all others are Commissioned. (Ensign & up)

At the completion of your training you will be offered a Commission in a NAVCOM crew.

Your Rank will start as Ensign and your duty assignment will be a Squad Leader as a Staff Lieutenant.

You will also be authorized to wear a uniform piece indicating you are a War College graduate.

We have some active duty and former Military personnel as NAVCOM crew members and although we have fun creating mayhem and carnage in the Rockstar world we will not condone behavior inconsistent with basic Navy traditions.

We are not thugs, pimps, mobsters or gangstas. We are NAVY men!

If you must behave otherwise you should do so in another crew as there is no shortage of them.


War College at ULSA Campus 1944

                   War College at ULSA Campus today

Training Center Annex

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